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Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to get Hundreds of Facebook Fan's /Likes

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Hello All to Thes Pots

today i will show you how you can get hundreds facebook fan or likes for your facebook page

there is many ways who can use it to get facebook fans or likes but i will show you easy and fast way to do that
today i will talking about one website , thes website can help you to get large number of facebook fans or likes

the website is
Add me fast 
thes website is also suport youtube and twitter and google+ and others sites
so you can also get facebook subscriber and youtube subsrciber and youtube videos likes and youtube videos views and google + followers and twitter followers and you
Add Me Fast

so step 1 you must sing up on add me fast at thes link http://addmefast.com
you will find it like that
click on try for FREE now

step 2 enter your information on thes page
your email password and capatcha code and then click on sign up

 you will Receive confirmation message from your e mail

click on link of confirmation to confirm your account then when you confirm your account
you need login in your account
then when you will be Login you will find your profile like that
then when you want add your Facebook page click on ADD SITE/PAGE

when you will click on ADD SITE/PAGE the page will be like that
so now you need to inter your title site and your addres page and enter others information and click on save

now you need get points to will be able get traffic or likes to your page

you will  also need go to FREE POINTS in your profile and select what you like

you can like youtube videos to get free points or you can like facebook pages or you can do something like that to get free points
the points make you get likes or fans for your facebook page
so we can called that traffic sharing

also thes site suport Youtube and twitter and google+ and other site
so also you can use it to get youtube subscriber/likes /views  or to get google + followers or to get twitter followers and others think you can check it out when you sign up 

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