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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Important Tips to keep the Battery Life Of I Phone's

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It is obvious to everyone that among the disadvantages is the iPhone battery that can not be replaced except in the Apple service center. Available even if the battery but the phone itself is not easy open and battery is  welded components in the phone.

 I say always keep your battery. Before the show advice Ask a question .. Is iPhone battery is less than other phones? Ask this question and because I hear from a lot. The iPhone battery does not last more than a day with them and some say half a day, Is it true that the battery is consumed quickly? Or is it wrong in the habits of consumption? Or this is natural for any phone contains multiple possibilities.?

This is the first Statistics for the Apple i phone battery compared to other phones.

Of course, as you can see these statistics are very impressive. Talk for eight hours, something not available on any phone before, but is this real?
I think it is real, the iPhone is the only phone which closes the screen while and put it to your ear and thus provides a tremendous amount of energy used interest-free, but note with me for running the Internet is just 6 hours, and Alevdio 7 hours only, and this indicates that the battery consumed quickly if the screen is open and you are dealing with the device on the phone that it is not only to talk, but to play him and use the Inter Net and start the program and all this makes you come down to the lowest rank is 6 hours and only then carry out the battery .. so what is the solution?? .. Just do not complain and if you want a longer life for your battery does not play for a long time and READ the following tips ...

If you use e-mail in your phone Make sure that the selection of Mail is auto-check. is closed.

 If you use Yahoo Mail make sure that the selection of Push Mail is closed.

 Do not add more than one post to the e-mail settings, and you can use your property in the Forward. To make all the messages go to one post.

  Close the Wi-Fi if you do not need, and open only when needed.

Close the Bluetooth if you do not need, and open only when needed. 

 Underestimate the brightness of the screen and can control the brightness of the screen Settings> Brightness

 Do not use the EQ feature in ipad Settings and you can close it from the Settings> iPod> EQ

 Do not run programs that run in the background. Programs are such as Dock and iPray and many other programs consume battery very quickly.

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